Posted by Darlene

2012 Crystals™


The vibrational rate of the 2012 Crystal is among the highest of any on the planet and energetically contains our completed future selves. They have downloaded themselves energetically into the 2012 Crystals as a vehicle to return to their past- which is our present- to rescue our present self. They gently assist us as the present era comes to completion.

As the 2012 Crystal energy flows through us, we gracefully move through our more intense challenges, and release attachment to former patterns that no longer serve us. They love us much and they have chosen to blend themselves into this lovely crystalline form to participate in our human experience. They lovingly regard us as their children and are willing to help us fulfill the 2012 Prophecies. They are rapidly shifting human consciousness so that we may arrive at Zero Point and manifest the dawn of a New Age of peace and harmony in the year 2012.

In the mineral kingdom they provide the next sequential step in our spiritual growth and transformation. The foundation for the 2012 Crystals is built upon that done previously by the Russian Lemurian Crystals which built upon the work of the Lemurian Seed Crystals.

As unique healing tools, Twenty-Twelve Crystals have combined properties of diagnostic and repair. Much like a diagnostic tool linked to the computer inside your car, they both analyze the situation and often heal it simultaneously! The 2012 Crystals adapt uniquely to the needs of each individual. They holistically reconnect us with our past, present, and future selves.

The 2012’s work with the healers who use them, as well as with their clientele. One massage therapist is reporting that her clients have extraordinary releases while holding the 2012 Crystals and that she often feels rejuvenated at the end of her day. They also find and heal areas of illness that were previously unknown to the client or the therapist.

The 2012 Crystals energetically connect or grid with all other 2012’s on planet. The users and the planet herself benefit from the higher vibration created.

“Imagine who you would be now or what it would have been like, if you could have been your own loving mother or father when you were child… Would you not have had a far greater understanding of how best to gently nurture yourself?

For the spirit world, you see, we are those children. They have come here and are here now, to gently nurture us. This is the 2012 experience.”
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